Jean Bach-Smugglers Downloading Genoveva DMS Tapes CD

---Jean Bach is Germany's most exciting quasi IDM technocutioneer. With this CD he will thrill fans of all that is current in electronic music---

1. Smugglers Downloading Genoveva DMS Tapes
2. Dancemix 1996
3. p-mechccjoymx
4. Bleed For Me
5. Somatic Responses
6. Du Sollst Mein Leben Nicht Kontrollieren
7. He Was Fruital
8. Abruptum
9. Tapete
10. Ruidde
11. Hit Mix (Zeit Für Zärtlichkeit) (Taciturne RMX)
12. Best Canadian Female Rock Act
13. [minmae]-Falling Into Atmosphere (Tante Extra Markt Mix By JB)
14. Colder Than Ice
15. Der Neger Hat Meine Fahrkarte Aufgefressen (Chapter 2 + 3)
16. We Won't Contribute (Vermeintlicher UFO-Spuk Zerrüttelt Die Gemeinde)
17. ttsa
18. Franznackengelaber (Einen Traum Für Diese Welt)
19. Fuck Karmanik
20. Akte

[minmae] RMX:
Hey Sascha,
The name of the song, being that its song # 18 on Vonsachiang, is "falling into atmosphere".Its okay if its repetitive. Most of my songs are anyway. I'm really excited to hear it. So much so that I think I'm going to go have sex with a chicken. So do you go under the name Sascha when you do music?